Why Septic Tank Cleaning is Important


It is approximated that a third of the US population makes use of a septic tank system. By design, septic tank systems are quite simple. As a norm, they consist of a system of pipes which converge on a single pipe that leads to the septic tank.

The outgoing perforated pipe drains the effluent to the surrounding area leaving sludge within the pipe. For a septic tank system to function efficiently, it needs periodic pumping, cleaning and maintenance. The following is an overview on septic tank cleaning and why it is important.

What is Septic Tank Cleaning?

As the name suggests, septic tank cleaning is basically the cleaning up of a septic system. As you are well aware, septic systems are wastewater disposal systems and as such, tend to be quiet dirty and full of harmful pathogens. To keep the system in good shape and eliminate bad odor that usually occurs due to a buildup of dirt in the system, cleaning is highly recommended.

How is the Cleanup Performed?


The cleaning of a septic system is not only carried out in the septic tank, but also throughout the entire system. As a norm, it is highly recommended that a septic tank be first drained before the cleaning can be carried out.

During the cleanup, a visual inspection of the entire system is first carried out to ensure that it is in good condition. The inspection is carried out in the septic tank itself, piping, perforated outlet pipes and most importantly, manhole inspection chambers. The cleanup is then carried out and incorporates various procedures like a high pressure hydro-cleanup of the piping to remove sludge and any debris.

What are the Benefits of Cleaning Your Septic System?

Some of the benefits associated with cleaning a septic system include:

  • Better hygiene

Cleaning a system helps to get rid of sludge within pipes: the sludge is a fertile breeding ground for pathogens and is also responsible for the bad odor in septic systems. This brings about better hygiene and lower risks of disease outbreaks.

  • Longevity of the system


During the cleaning, a thorough inspection of the system is usually carried out. Problems that would have potentially broken down the system are spotted and maintenance is carried out. This gives the system a longer life span.

  • Cost saving

Septic tank service providers usually offer a pumping and cleaning packages and you can save a lot by asking about this.  Septic tank cleaning is important to not only your health, but also the efficiency and lifespan of a system.


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