Septic Tank Repair & Maintenance Tips


Septic tank systems form an integral part of wastewater management systems. However, like any other system, they require proper maintenance to increase their efficiency and lifespan. There are a number of septic tank maintenance activities that have to be performed. Some fall under the jurisdiction of the home owners, while others, more specialized have to be performed by a professional septic systems company such as Septic Wizards Inc. The following is an overview of some of the septic tank maintenance activities and best practices: also considered as part of maintenance.


Periodic Pumping and Cleaning

septic-tank-inspection-jacksonville-flPeriodic pumping and cleaning of a septic system is perhaps one of the most important maintenance activities for a septic tank system. Cleaning and pumping not only helps to keep the system in top condition, but is also considered as a form of preventive maintenance as it prevents the system from blocking. As a rule, a professional septic tank service provider has to be involved when carrying this task out.

Record Keeping Of Home Maintenance

Record keeping is also considered a best practice when it comes to maintenance of your septic system & overall home maintenance. When keeping records, ensure you note down information such as the dates when certain maintenance activities: such as cleaning and pumping, were carried out on your system. This will help you clearly map out the next maintenance dates.

Map-Out Septic System Components


This is considered as a best practice when it comes to septic tank maintenance. By mapping out the septic tank components by using stakes, you know exactly where every component is and by doing so, avoid damaging the system.

Avoid Using Strong Chemicals

Bacteria are responsible for breaking down sludge within a septic tank. Strong chemicals such as paint thinners, pesticides and anti-freeze can significantly reduce the bacteria population within the tank bringing about a faster buildup of sludge.

Don’t Flush Non-Degradable Material



While this may seem like a no brainer, some in the household need to be taught/reminded. Non-degradable material such as clothes, cotton swabs, plastics and even diapers should not be flushed down a septic system as they can greatly compromise the efficiency and lifestyle of a system.


Plant Grass & Shallow Rooted Plants Over The Absorption Field

septic-tank-repair-jacksonville-flPlants with a large root network should not be planted over the absorption area as their roots can grow into pipes and clog the system. Therefore, do not plant trees or shrubs in your drain field.
By implementing the following tips, you should be able to keep your septic system in top working order. But should you have any issues, please contact a septic system professional in your area asap.


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