Septic Tank Breakdown and Repair

Like all manmade things, septic tanks eventually breakdown at one point or another. A septic tank breakdown is a home owners worst nightmare and for good reason. The aftermath can be catastrophic with one of the most common scenarios being an overflow of wastewater within a house. When faced with such a predicament, the next course of action would be to look for a professional septic tank repair company.

What Are The Common Causes Of A Septic System Breakdown?

septic-tank-cost-jacksonville-flOne of the major causes of a septic system breakdown is lack of proper maintenance practices. Septic systems are quite delicate in nature and in most instances; all it takes is some neglect for a system to breakdown. For instance, most septic system breakdowns are due to negligence when it comes to pumping out contents of a septic tank. Some individuals do not monitor their systems and as a result, sludge can fill up the tank and overflow into the perforated pipes heading to the drain field. The end result is blocked pipes and overflow of water in household utilities such as toilets.


Bad practices also contribute to septic system breakdowns. There are certain products and chemicals which as a rule should not be flushed down the septic system. However, some individuals disregard this bringing about reduced efficiency of the system and eventual breakdown.

Accidental damage to a septic system can also bring about a breakdown. As you well know, most of the system is underground and if the location of the system is not clearly mapped out, it can be accidentally damaged when performing other activities.

Aging compromises the integrity of the material used in the septic system. This can also bring about breakdown.

What Should I Do In The Event Of A Breakdown?

Septic-Jacksonville-FLWhen a septic system breaks down, it would be in your best interest to acquire the services of a professional septic tank repair company at the earliest opportune moment.

A septic tank breakdown is considered as being highly risky due to the environmental and health impact of wastewater flowing into the environment. Contacting a professional to carry out repairs should be first course of action. But apart from this, you should also be responsible enough to ensure that this does not happen.



Carrying out proper maintenance on the system and adhering to best practices when using a septic system will go a long way in helping you have an efficient system.

In the event of a breakdown, proper repairs by a professional should also be carried out to ensure the problem does not arise again.  Need Septic Tank or Drainfield Repair? Click on the city near you below…


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